Hello world!

As you can see we haven’t really got this blogging thing down yet.

We are still in San Francisco Bay, preparing Gone Bambu for our first trip, from San Francisco to French Polynesia.  The navigation goes something like this;  Go out the gate, turn left, go 3,000 nautical miles.  It should take 4-5 weeks where you won’t hear much from us as we’ll be using email over high frequency radio.

We’re watching the weather as we prepare so that once the big things are done on the boat we can pick a good day to get started.

We’ll post again before departure, certainly we’ll put up the boat naming ceremony pictures and our pirate wedding pictures.


-Darrell & Gayle



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  1. Don & Mickey says:

    We were wondering where you all were and how you were. So glad to know you changed your mind and took the easier route. Where in Mexico are you? What is your new route? Sounds like a harrowing experience…..!!!!!! We’re sending you love and lots of hugs (and beers in spirit!). Your mateys, Don & Mickey P.S. Keep blogging, we want to know everything (almost everything)!

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