Croc at the Dock

There’s a croc at our dock
and I dunno what to do
He watches us come and go
just staring at you
no expression on his face
just a big wide grin
and an occasional swish of his long bony fin
He’s not there every day
might even be a girl
So I’m walking on the the dock
looking in the water for a swirl
Sure they put up signs
to give you a warning
but who’s gonna believe
what you see on a post
see that sailboat in the picture to the right
that’s our boat patiently waiting for the sight
of open seas and a breeze from the right
Pointy end in front
and water all around
time to get going
so southward we’re bound
It’s been fun
spending the summer in the sun
here in PV where on the busses we explore
new experiences and places galore

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  1. Rob Hendershot says:

    Hey! Gayle and Capt D. Mucho tempo since I have seen or heard about you guys until today when my dad (uncle “Billy J” for Gayle) and I were skyping a few minutes ago and he mentioned your adventures on your sailboat.

    Karen and I sailed down from San Diego to Mexico, the first time, in 2003, and ‘bashed’ back in July 2004. We departed again from SD in 2007 down to Ztown; I stayed in the same marina –barely got in as we draw close to 9 feet of draft– and notice the gators too.

    We are currently sitting in La Paz BCS MX doing repairs this year (entire year so far!) which started with a new set of fuel tanks and now getting completed by a new set of chainplates. She (the boat) is 28 years old and in the 14 years I have owned her, shes done real good, but now those ’25 year life’ things are needing attention.

    We are hoping to clear out of here as soon as the chainplates are completed –perhaps by the end of Nov– and head back down south to Barra and points further south. We had hoped to have spent the summer up in the Mar de Cortez, but the repairs had to be done.

    Hope all is well and hope to hear from you soon. If you guys have a SSB and not in too big of a hole, perhaps we can communicate via SSB?

    Alright, glad to hear we have some more sailors in the family.


  2. Diane Sutton says:

    OMG I think I would friek out if I saw that wonderful little face around my boat.
    It would be– see ya honey, i will be down below.

  3. Gayle Smith says:

    I thought he looked kind of sad, with his little nose poked out of the water. I named him Henry and wanted to feed him. After doing a little research on what crocks liked to eat, humans came up as a first favorite. So, he can just hang out there looking all sad and lonesome all he wants. And he can go hungry, too!!

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