Something’s in the air

There really is something in the air, something you can’t feel, taste, or examine but you know something is there, something that hasn’t been there for the last few months.  It is intangible, people are acting differently, even clueless tourists are starting to take notice.

The Marina guards are walking around, noticeably standing taller, with a sense of purpose, carrying bits of rope, a bilge pump, and doing more inspecting rather than the normal checking of boat names against a list on their clipboards.

You know those leaden skies that writers refer to in countless stories?  Damned if there hasn’t been lead in the sky all day.  Each boat in the marina now has at least two more sets of lines attaching them to the docks, there are more tourist boats tied up to every available slip.  The Mexican navy has at least 10 boats here, all of them moving in over the last few hours.  Dinghy traffic has picked up, just saw about 8 Mexican Naval sailors on a little dinghy moving from one of their boats to another.

You know something is going to happen, there is a Hurricane on the way.

It’s not really a surprise, because we’ve been watching internet weather all summer just looking for something like this to build up.  Most of these storms just spin out into the Pacific to meet their fate in the cool deep Pacific waters.  This one is different, as it made a hard right turn, then a northward movement right at us.

We previously have mentioned our reasons for being here.  The major reason for berthing at this particular marina is that it’s a pretty good hurricane hole.  It seems we’re going to find out about that.

Banderas Bay is a nice sized bay, not so different from Galveston Bay except that the water is clean, fish are plentiful, there aren’t any oil rigs, nor any refineries belching toxic chemicals into the air and water.  So maybe they are similar in size only, generally round and connected to the ocean by a nice opening.  Our marina here in Puerto Vallarta is at the extreme eastern point in that roundish bay, furthest from the ocean, and next to a mountain range to the south.

This hurricane which is hitting land about now is on the other side of the mountain range as a Class 2, which we are thinking will be knocked down a bit by the mountains between here and there.  About 75 miles of very nice hills and mountains.  And tall condo complexes.

The storm should come in to our east, putting winds generally on our nose, which is tied off to the dock.  It seems even the croc has better things to do this week as we haven’t seen him/her lately.

I’m assuming the streets will flood, the creeks will fill and the full moon and high tide should be pretty interesting tomorrow morning.

It’s likely the power will fail, the tap water may quit, our internet connection may fail but don’t be too worried as we are pretty self sufficient without all those conveniences.  We bought extra vodka, made some extra ice cubes, have some frozen meat, plenty of propane and can make electricity for weeks.  If it gets too bad we’ll just leave.

We’ll put up another posting as soon as we can.

See Y’all later.

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  1. Darrell says:

    The Hurricane was a bust.

    It’s like getting dressed up to go to a party and the band doesn’t show. Oh well, better this way than getting knocked around.

  2. admin says:

    I had on my red slinky party dress, bling, beads in my hair, stiletto strappy little heels with glitter, make-up and my nails done.

    Sooooo disappointed when the band didn’t show.

  3. Larry Myers says:

    I seem to recall being in a full-fledged gale off the coast of Washington with both of you. I think I remember seeing you slide around the main salon floor like the silver ball in a game of pinball. Who wouldn’t want see a reprise that action?

    Y’all need to stop this dangerous habit of trying things out just to see how bad it could really be. Worse, you could damage the cigars.

    I do regret not seeing the slinky red party dress, probably sequined. Damn…

  4. Diane Sutton says:

    knew yall would be alright when watching the weather report at the Lake House, all nice and snuggly with a toddy in hand, they showed where the storm came ashore south from yall and down to a cat. 1 at that time. Still worry about yall, but good whiskey and strong ropes will do wonders. Didn’t know about the good cigars, but know you and bro ron had a good cigar at our last visit. Holler at you soon. LOVE YALL

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