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Statistically speaking, it’s the autumn of my life, over 60 and doing things I never believed would happen.  Nothing wrong with that.

I find myself really happy to be away from the US as I don’t want to hear about the Tea Party, the Democrats, Republicans or other political tempests.

I do believe, however that a rant is in order because I have been wronged.  I didn’t really know it until very recently.  Ok, it was suspected but not verified.

I like Cuban Cigars, and for a long time I figured that it was just too bad that I couldn’t get one when I wanted one.  Kind of like knowing that Disney World is out there and we haven’t been able to make the trip.

Now something has happened to tip my personal scales in favor of pissed off rather than annoyed.

Cuban Rum

Who knew?  I’ve been somewhat indifferent towards rum for most of my life.  Too much of it in college will do that to you.  It never really tasted all that good (same for Tequila, (another recent ahaa)).  Just something you mix with Coke, fruit juices, or other sweet stuff.   It never really had the relevance of a nice single malt scotch, not the ones with that really peety flavor but those with distinctive adult-only kind of semi-spiritual, palate-cleansing aromatic refreshment.

Until now, in Mexico.  I find that not only do the Cuban Cigars taste pretty darn good, even smell nice, there exists in quantity on the shelves in the Rum section of the liquor store some Rums that are made in Cuba.  Hmmm, they aren’t even expensive (96 pesos /750ml) which I think is about $7.50 for a normal sized bottle.

When you get them home all you need is ice and water, no Coke, no fruity-things, no nonsense, just a glass, cubes and rum.  It doesn’t hurt to sit out at the dock in a folding chair, smoking a cigar at about the same time.  Nope, not bad at all.

So why is it that it took me 60 years to figure this out? I don’t think it’s all my fault, I think the government of the United States is the one to take the blame for this.   What is the deal here?  Are they still pissed about Castro? How about those missiles, aren’t they gone by now?  What about all those really talented baseball players, weren’t they welcomed with big contracts in the majors?  Hemingway seemed to do ok in the US and in Cuba.

Why is there a big Cuban hole in my life?

Which leads me to wonder….what else have I missed due to this meddling by the US government?  Cuban Restaurants? Cuban writing?  Visits to meet the Cuban people?

Put me down for a trip to Cuba as soon as we can get there.




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  1. Nick from Marina Bay says:

    Darrell, technically (unless you started very young), you’ve only been ripped off for 39 years! See, there is a bright side to everything.



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