Leaving Puerto Vallarta

Leaving Puerto Vallarta was a mixed bag of feelings. We really regret stepping away from the comforts of Blake’s Sports Bar and the friendship of Susan and Mike Blake. These two Canadians took us in and shared stories of life in Canada as well as PV, explained hockey and even got into the virtues of Canadian Football as well as Canadian hockey. We were temporary Canadians and got into the Stanley Cup finals and were there for all the games. It was exciting and fun to be with other Canadians, hollering for “our” team.
They were our resource for all things, where to find a cell phone, what holiday it was, and even let us participate in Canadian Thanksgiving.
This is a lesson in letting chance work….we were on the six peso bus and told the driver we needed to go Home Depot. Well, he got it partly right as he dropped us off at Office Depot. Since it was pretty much downtown, it was hot, and there no big box stores in sight, we did spy the banner for Blake’s Sports Bar. The rest is history. After having a few beers and laughing at our misfortune (and getting clued in to the real location of Home Depot) we made friends with the Blakes. Susan’s skills as a chef and Mike’s classic bartender attitude as well as being a sports nut were perfect for us. So hard to say good-bye.
The other person we will miss is Jose, the fellow to maintains the big sport fishing boat in the slip next door to ours. He helped us find workers for jobs we needed done, assisted in our endeavors to shed excess clothing and gear from the boat which passed around to people that needed it. Jose also clued us in to the lifestyle in Puerto Vallarta, particularly around the docks. He was a good story teller and we exchanged lunches. We treated him to American sandwiches and he treated us to the most fabulous yellow fin tuna sushi that he whipped up on the back of his boat. We’ll miss our version of ‘tail gate’ parties with him.

PV was a mixed bag. It was our temporary base, shelter from hurricanes, a place to work on the boat, and a place that allowed us to get to know part of Mexico, a place very different from our own.
It’s funny that we were getting really familiar with the town, but there was a real desire to leave.
We got ourselves ready, left the marina, spent part of a night anchored out near Los Archos then set out in the wee hours to go down the coast.
On to new adventures.

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