After we left Zihuatenajo,  needed fuel and water so we took a left turn in to Acapulco Bay.  The Yacht Club is on the wind protected left side of the big bay, the rest of the shoreline looks like Miami,  or Ft. Lauderdale, or Puerto Vallarta.  Our first impression was to get what we needed and get out.  It was crowded boats on the hook, mooring balls, and a lot of crap tied around the area.  We found the marina and fuel docks, met with the management of the thing to get permission to buy some fuel and did just that.  They didn’t even have any potable (drinking) water at the dock. (so they said).  Turns out it is harder than you would think to find potable water from a hose.  Normally, there is drinking water accessible via a water hose just like you have attached to your house.  There isn’t a fee for the water since you are purchasing fuel.  But we found that once we left Puerto Vallarta, we couldn’t find water until we were so far south that we were almost to Guatamala.  The snooty factor in Acapulco is about a 9 on the 10 point snooty scale.

Didn’t even drag a camera out.

Acapulco helds no interest for us…so goodbye Acapulco.

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