This was a much needed surprise.  We could have checked out of Mexico at this place as was the original plan but we decided to delay the checkout until we got to Chiapas, on the other side of the dreaded Gulf of Tihuantepec.

The coast here has several nice little bays, one has a modern passenger loading dock for the big cruise liners that visit here, others have other attractions but all of them have really nice beaches.  The marina is small, spotless and has all the comforts needed by people like us.  Laundry service was picked up and delivered, we had plenty of water and electricity and we had a collection of experienced cruisers to meet.

We also had access to an older Oldsmobile Cutlass 88.  I forget what year but one of the heavy ones that made Detroit proud.  Seems a Canadian cruiser had driven the beast from Canada to Mexico, back to Canada and to Mexico.  By this time the Olds was getting a bit tired and worn out.  The cruiser decided to go cruising so he just left the keys with other cruisers that were there with the understanding that they would just hand it around to whatever sailor needed it.

Our new friends and dock neighbors took us to town, pizza runs, an excellent tour of the area and even a provisioning trip in the Olds.  They had been enchanted by Huatulco for four and a half years with no intention of leaving any time soon, even though they have an excellent trawler.

These folks went out of their way to make us comfortable and trade sea stories.   We are starting to realize that maybe this is the key to enjoying the lifestyle.  Don’t be in a big hurry, help your neighbor when they need it, give them privacy when they want it and generally be a good sport about everything.

Sadly we didn’t stay long enough here.  We have to get to Costa Rica so away we go.

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