Skipping forward a few years…Half a Loop is Better than None!



So, up to our usual standards of you never know what we are up to, we got a fantastic gig to deliver a boat from Baltimore, MD to the cheese head capital, home of the Green Bay Packers.  The China Doll (Ya’ll from Bocas and other places may remember Rob Hendershot and Karen Lundgren, the captains.) is a 51 foot Passage that is decked out and in a word oooooo-lala.  We’re talking the upper half of the Great Loop that is on just about everyone’s bucket list.  Well, boat people anyway.

It’s June 28 and off we go to Baltimore to board the China Doll. Shortly thereafter, we’ll head for New York City, going through the Chesapeak and Delaware, out to the Atlantic, around Delaware and into New York Harbor.  A DREAM COME TRUE.  We will be anchoring near Ellis Island, close to the statute of Liberty.  Holy sail luffing ya’ll, this should be about a 2 day trip. Of course with my luck, the weather will turn to schista and the 2 days will be 10 days.  But being that my glass is momentarily half full, I plan on a trip to Brooklyn – pizza pie – falafels!  Not going to do anything for my muffin top!

From there, we’ll head north up the Hudson River to Albany, have the mast stepped (taken down for you land lubbers) then onward to meet the eastern end of the Erie Canal.  The Hudson River is supposed to be the most beautiful river in America.
The Erie Canal will take us all the way through the state of New York coming out just about above Buffalo on Lake Erie.  We will be driving the boat through the state of New York!  Land on both sides.  We will be anchoring out on the Hudson as there are many towns and villages along the way.  The canal celebrated its 100th birthday in 1925!  This is the route the donkeys took to pull barges to New York moving goods and merchandise which made New York, a very important manufacturing and trading center.  The towns along the canal built up at intervals necessary for the donkeys to stop and to do donkey things.   I hear that the Hudson River is the best part of the trip.  Maybe I’ll get a set of bling from the Herkimer Diamonds.

Darrell said to mention We will also be passing “near” Niagra Falls.  I’m hoping for a stop off there.  And if the timing works out, our grandkids will be camping with family and friends in the Catskills and will get to see them.

Then we will sail south and west through the length of Lake Erie, then north passing by Detroit (seriously, not even slowing down!) into Lake Huron, and sail the length of Lake Huron.
Lake Huron will get us to Lake Michigan and most of the way down Lake Michigan.  We’ll stop at Milwaukee and begin the search for fine cheeses, not too green, to go with happy hour.  I plan on interrogating a few cows to see if they really are happier in Wisconsin than they are in California.
More to come………………………….with pictures.

In the meantime, stay healthy, hydrated, sunscreened, and have a fun filled summer.

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