Rollin Rollin Rollin,

Keep those doggies moving, man my arse is itching (from the heat rash)… For those of us who love City Slickers.

Well, we are heading out of La Paz shortly.

We hit the town, saw the sites, sweltered in the heat, saw 112 degrees and nearly melted.  Our favorite place to eat was Bandidos, about a 5 minute walk from the boat, not far off the water. The food was superb, reasonable and the waitstaff, cooks, grill man, and hosts were the best!  The music was pure Beach Boys and southern California car music that we all the words to.  All American with a Mexican twist.  Where else would you rather be.  If we come back through the Sea of Cortez, we are stopping here again.

We are headed to Puerta Vallarta with our spankin new fishing license, temporary import certification for the boat, tourist visas, immigration cards, customs documents, notices to the port captian, and the mexican flag flying from the starboard spreader. $500 bucks later, we are official and can now fish.  Which we plan to do.  I hope I have great fishing lies and a few pictures to post when we hit the next internet connection, possibly Monday. 

To those of you in Northern California, think of us kindly as the temperature drops and you are wrapped in blankets, wearing jackets.  To those of you ‘enjoying’ the same heat index, “clink” and “cheers” when you next open a cold one.  We’ll do the same at our end.

Until our next posting,

ya’ll take care.

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  1. Diane Sutton says:

    Well, lets do a lot of clinking glasses to each other, its 99-100 everyday here, and its not even summer!! uhgggg. Gonna be a loooong , dry, summer.
    Loving your blog. b safe . luv u guys

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