Dippity Doo Dah Dippity Day


My oh my, what a beautiful day.  Also a bit boring, not as hot as it was, which is a relief I can tell ya.  Of course, if you’re in our home town area of Santa Rosa, California.  Your cold and getting cheated out of a summer again.  Heard it snowed in Carson City on Memorial Day(ish).  And Michelle, if I could send you about 25 degrees, split the difference in temp, I would be really happy with 75-80 degrees.   As my mother says, “Spit in one hand and wish in the other and see which one gets full first.”  I don’t quite get the symbolism, but I suppose you could run out of spit long before you run out of wishes.  I still don’t really see how it fits.  She has lots of other sayings too.  Like – if you say you’re bored (did I digress again?), she would say, “Sit on your fist, and lean back on your thumb.  That should give you something to do.  I spent hours trying.  I think I have carpel tunnel.

Here we are again.  We have been motoring for the past 36 hours.  B-O-R-I-N-G.  No wind except what we are creating.  We fished for a while.  Nothing.  Nada.  Then it was back to little naps, more books.  I’ve read myself blind.  And the never ending  drinking water or beer, pee and start all over.   I think I was cheated.  I have about 50 sailing magazines about all kinds of articles.  On the picture of every one of them, bar none, is a skinny woman at the helm.  She is wearing a cute short set, her hair is done, she has make-up on and her nails are done.  WHAT THE #&$^#%@$.

We are about 170 miles from Puerto Villarta (as of Saturday, June 04, 2011, 8:00pm.  At 4.0 miles per hour we should be there in………………………….too depressing if we have to motor the entire time.  I wanted to stop and fish for a while this morning but, nahhhhh.  I really just want to get there.

Although, I have to say a little something about the journey.  The captain and I have been together (like within 50 feet of one another) since about March 20th.  And it has been really nice.  I like to hang out in front of the fan in the salon area, read, nap, snack, and watch our progress on the computer.  He hangs out top side doing the same thing.  We read the same books so it’s like having a mini book club.

We have an AIS program (don’t ask, I don’t have a clue what it means).  It shows commercial ship traffic.  Those liners move at 40 mph so it doesn’t take long to be in the way.  Rule of the road is they have the right away.  We also have the standard radar that shows blips on the screen but it does not tell what the blips mean.  If they are 16 miles away, it only takes a few minutes until they run you down.  So we watch for them on this handy little program.

Tonight may be movie night.  We usually watch movies two nights a week to keep evenings entertaining but not mundane.    Right now the moon is coming up over the water.  Time for a little night cap and a marvelous show by nature.

Till we meet again,

Love to all ya’ll



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  1. Christy Ching says:

    Sounds like your having fun!
    Take care Christy Ching

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