We’re outta here…again

I Know, we’ve been gone an month and are just now writing something down about it.

Blame it on “Island Time”, we have been in the BVIs, and now Guadeloupe without much of an internet connection. The pictures are more up to date than this blog so check www.darrellsmith.com under Gone Bambu.

Before the beating

We left Titusville on Dec 1, not really ready but determined to get out of there before something sucks us in again. Sly and Terry joined us for the beating we took getting to the BVIs. To make a long story shorter the wind does not always blow as predicted. We eventually checked in to Jost van Dyke on Dec 15, fully worn out and tired.

As it turns out you should pay attention to the weather at all times

Checking in at Jost van Dyke, BVIs (that’s not our boat)

We proceeded to a marina on Tortola called Nanny Cay and pretty much got reorganized again. Fixed a long list of broken things, and put off fixing a bunch more. Sadly Sly and Terry had to leave early to attend to business back home in Canada so we’re on our own again.

Recovery room (Tiki Bar) at Nanny Cay Marina Pain Killer Central

We worked our way out of the BVI’s with the the idea of making our way to Guadeloupe. I really don’t get the appeal of the BVIs other than there’s lots of wind to make the boats go fast and break things. Incredible power in those winds with lots of little sheltered places to anchor, or more likely pay for a mooring. Honestly, I’m glad to have seen the BVIs but I don’t really care for it.

Not a green mooring ball, something else entirely

During our passage from the BVIs to Guadeloupe Gayle took a bad fall in the cabin and landed on the corner of the seating in the salon. As a result she broke some ribs, and since we were very far from anywhere she just had to tough it out and try to find a comfortable place to sit and sleep.

Fortunately we have a Garmin Inreach satellite communicator that let us get in touch with our Doctor in Melbourne so we could come up with strategy for dealing with the loose ribs. Without the reassurance and help from Dr Hardoon we’d have been much more concerned about it.

While in Deshaies, Guadeloupe with saw a French doctor who agreed with the broken rib assessment, gave is prescriptions for the pain and ointment for her messed up shoulder. We also had an order for xrays from a clinic that was about an hour’s taxi ride away.

We took the taxi ride, saw the doctors there who said it would be many hours before we could get an xray as the treatment for broken or bruised ribs is the same, and not life threatening. The waiting room was packed with people who clearly needed more help so we recalled the taxi and went back to Deshaies.

Having a cafe at the cafe

The reason most people visit this place is the scenery used for the popular BBC TV show “Death in Paradise” (on Netflix too). So lots of the stores are fixed up and a good many aren’t. I suppose this was a sleepy little fishing place before the TV people came to town.

That’s the anchorage, but all the water facing restaurants look about like this

We are still in recovery mode, Gayle can’t move very well with those busted ribs and we have a number of boat chores to get sorted out before doing something challenging again.

The French, you may not understand them but they can cook.

Next we’ll move on to Dominica…..

From Florida to Guadeloupe

December, 2018

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