Links to the Pictures

On the road in Jalisco, Mexico


Mercado Liberdad in Guadalajara

Lake Chapala, Mexico

Ajijic, Mexico

Quick video of fishing from the Dingy at Puerto Vallarta, Mexico (Video)

What Cruising is Really like…Cooking Breakfast in the Rain (Video)

Banderas Bay Welcome Wagon (Video)

Looking around Puerto Vallarta

Sailing from the Pacific Ocean into La Paz

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  1. Tom says:

    Why is it that Gale is the only one smiling in the pictures, did she take an old grump with her or what???

  2. Tom says:

    I sure hope I didn’t offend you to the point of not posting anymore with the last reply! Where have you guys disappeared to? Taking a 60 peso bus ride for days or helping that guy work under the hood of his truck perhaps? All good here in 75 degree weather at Catalina:)

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