Making Do In Bonaire – Sometimes Texas People Need Texas Food

You have to start somewhere. Sometimes in the middle. In the middle of the morning, this morning, I had fresh potatoes that needed to be resurrected and used. They were peeled, cubed, and stored in water, in jars, in the refrigerator over night then ended up being the start of breakfast.

The end result. Saving potatoes from the brink of destruction and cleaning out the fridge. The surprise underneath it all is fresh, hand made corn tortillas

In the fridge, we had bits of left over beef tacos with all the trimmings.

Putting it all together.

Following the old adage of “waste not, want not,” it was all thrown in a skillet. Something was missing. Being good Texans, Masa was brought out and fresh corn tortillas were sizzling in the skillet. The left overs, after being redefined, will be the beginning of something new tomorrow.

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