The Ultimate Fried Shrimp Sandwich

We were on the square in Ajijic (ah hee heec) and feeling a little hungry. Ajijic is just down the road from the town of Chapala and on the shores of Lake Chapala. The lake, by the way is really nice and at 5,200 feet elevation it lacked humidity and high heat…just the things we’ve had too much of lately.
I was a bit hungry, Gayle not so much, so we sat down at a little indoor/outdoor restaurant with tables and umbrellas located just to the side of the square. We ordered beer to drink and I quickly found out that they served Negra Modelo on tap.  After starting a nice relaxing glass of beer, we started looking over the menu.
This is Gringo country, seems that people like us have been coming here for years, so the menu has English on one side and Espanol on the other. It’s isn’t often that we find a menu in both languages. Usually, we just wing it with hand signals or look around to see what other people are eating and point to it. There was an interesting looking item called a fried shrimp sandwich that sounded just right.  We ordered it and asked that it be cut in half.
The surprise came when they delivered it. Visualize taking some normal sandwich bread, putting a layer of mayo in the middle, stuff as much boiled shrimp in it as it will hold, then dip the entire thing into a batter, cover it with corn flakes, then deep frying the ENTIRE sandwich, bread and all.
I thought I’d fried just about everything until now, but my fry daddy experience was seriously lacking this particular edible delight. It was a real treat– like a Ding Dong only better. Crunchy on the outside, fried shrimp and mayonnaise sauce oozing on the inside. I almost ordered another one.
Stay tuned to more reports from Mexico. Might tell you about the taco stand or the Jose Cuervo tour in Tequila.
Hasta Later

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  1. ed kangas says:

    more!….i am cruising vicariously through your adeventures!

    1. admin says:

      Thanks for dropping in, we are having lots of adventures so stay tuned.

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