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The title is attributed to Larry Myers, Myers Engineering, a solid and dear friend, aficionado of fine cigars, and purveyor of amusing stories.

However, Darrell is writing “Crock at the Dock” which is about the cocodrillo. He’s just slower about writing than I am.

I was sitting by the dock of the bay, watching the sunset wane away, drinking my drink, tying knots in my cherry stems (with my tongue) — thinking about things and friends, getting excited about our friends Don and Mickey Fernandez Lindo joining us in Costa Rica.

Forgive me dear ones, for it seems like years since my last confession. Ok. So I’m not Catholic. It’s been, well, my whole life since my last confession since I’m not Catholic. I was raised Baptist. Baptist never confess anything out loud.

Not to make fun of Catholics or Baptists, but it has been a while since my last blog.

We had a good day out on the water in Banderas Bay. It was actually delightful – quite therapeutic to get away from the dock and putz around the Bay. We saw tuna everywhere and tossed out all types of lures but caught nothing. Zip. Nada. Naught. Zero. Zilch. I mean, I’m talking about circling schools of them and tossing all we had. If we had been depending on our catch of the day, we would have gone hungry.

But today, I didn’t care. Like it would have totally interfered with my Zenfulness. I got a few things done—shelled pecans, replaced new lines on the fenders, things I had been needing to do.

We have been hanging out in Puerto Vallarta with nothing much to say. But now the time is getting nearer to our departure date. We plan on leaving at the end of October and somehow have lit a burner under our butts to get things done. Up til now, we have been hanging out on the boat, attempting to avoid the heat and humidity. Except for our excursions to Casa Blake’s Sports Bar for some really fabulous ‘spiritual’ food, drink, and company. Spiritual meaning comfort food.  Susie and Mike are the owners and Susie is in charge of the menu and all the recipes.  They make some mean ribs, chicken pot pies, and prime rib sandwiches.  I even love their french fries which I normally don’t eat.  Blake’s is so much like the TV series Cheers, it’s uncanny. We love Mike and Susie. This is the place to come if you find yourself In Puerto Vallarta and in need of cold beer, good company, and fabulous food.

So here I am, sitting on the dock – a drink in one hand, a laptop in in the other. What’s a woman to do……..

I was thinking today while I was shelling pecans, wondering about God. Just to set the record straight, I believe in God. As a practical matter, I was thinking that there must be a God. I mean, where did the first pecan tree come from. For that matter, where did the first tree of any fruit or nut come from? I know there is a lot of controversy over first man, and whether we evolved from some primordial ooze. Ooze is one of my all-time favorite words, next to slime. Doesn’t that conjure up the imagination? Just think of the things that come from ooze and slime. Darrell says that Bill Clinton and Richard Nixon come to mind. Hummmmmmmm. Maybe that’s where we came up with Republicans and Democrats. One is ooze and the other is slime. But here I go, digressing again.

Back to God and spiritualism. Orgasms come to mind. If you think of the intricacies of the human body, you have to be amazed. If it were not for the totally, rocket to the moon, intense pleasure, mind blowing, WOW experience of sex, who would bother with marriage, dating, and the trouble of getting to know someone else, let alone cohabitation and the compromises you have to make.

Am I on a roll, or what. And to think that all of this come from shelling pecans while bobbing around in middle of Banderas Bay. Obviously there was more than just shelling pecans going on. I really was thinking of God and spiritualism, not orgasms, not there is anything wrong with that.

I keep wondering how I’m going to get out of this conversation. I think about my friend Pam, and smile a lot. She is such a great conversationalist. She would definitely know how this story winds itself down.

And then I think maybe it should not wind down. Maybe it’s meant to inspire deep thought. Did you ever think that, even if you don’t believe in the soul and the hereafter, there just HAS to be one magnificent creator?

And how could you not believe in the soul. For that matter, you should add baseball, the sweet spot, and wet kisses that last 3 days to your list of things to believe in. Because what is belief but faith. And what is faith? Is it the reality behind the reality of the real world of things we can see, hear and touch?

But then what is Zen. It contains everything conceivable and nothing at all. Intuitively, it could be defined through emotional and spiritual understandings – like the wind blowing across the waves; the emotion you feel when you see a full moon rise, or you hear the song Amazing Grace, the Star Spangled Banner, the first time you see your grandchild.
You could also look at Zen logically. We could define Zen through study and research but it doesn’t mean that it’s any less important than the intuitive. Logic and intuition are said by some to be two sides of the same coin. Neither good nor bad, but with a need for balance.
Some days are like that. Fraught with questions that have no answer. Answers that are not as important as the question itself. It’s the questions, ponderings, and thoughtfulness that count.

And friendship, grand children, family, good food, baseball, Derek Jeter, the Yankees, and, of course, joy in your heart.

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  1. Tom says:

    Wow! Talk about reflections. I hope your lawyer friends don’t see this for they would disavow any knowledge of you after reading it.:) I’ve ordered a wind vane and will be hopefully getting down to the paradise you’ve been enjoying soon so I too can begin my reflections in earnest.
    Fair Winds

    1. admin says:

      Yes, it was a day of reflection. I find peace out on the water. When I’m out on the water, my mind feels free to wander off on its own path. I know you understand that and probably get the same feeling. I was so happy to see your note. When I think of fair winds, I always think of the breeze and your long blond hair. You, standing on your boat, greeting the morning with your coffee and the wind blowing through your hair. Smiling.

  2. Diane Sutton says:

    WOW— Gotta send you some more pecans!!!!

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